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Join the AllOne Connect Provider Network

Earn More, Find Flexibility and Make a Difference

AllOne Connect, powered by AllOne Health, a leading Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider, is a thriving virtual mental health counseling platform. We give providers the clients, tools, support, and community necessary to focus on patient success and well-being, creating a space where mental health support is easily accessible, convenient, and impactful.

Unlock Your Potential with AllOne Connect

Elevate Your Practice, Earn More, and Thrive

Provider Perks:

Financial Empowerment

Maximize your earnings with competitive compensation, weekly direct deposits, and the potential to earn $100k+ annually, all while enjoying the flexibility to choose your work arrangement.

Embrace Work Flexibility

Craft your ideal work-life balance with the convenience of a home office, customizable schedules, and engaging solution-focused EAP sessions.

Streamlined Workflows and Administration

Our secure, user-friendly online platform handles administrative work and automates workflows, allowing you to concentrate on delivering exceptional care.

Meaningful Impact

Receive referrals aligned with your expertise, enabling you to channel your skills where they make the most significant difference.

Make a Positive Impact on Members’ Whole Health

We value your insights, expertise, and knowledge and welcome you to join us in bringing positive change to individuals and organizations. As an AllOne Connect Provider, you support Assistance Program Members (EAP, MAP, SAP) with access to a comprehensive range of resources and services that nurture holistic well-being, spanning mental health, physical health, financial wellness, family care, lifestyle support, and organizational health. By supporting whole health, everyone benefits. We have stronger people. Stronger families. Stronger organizations.