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Joining the AllOne Connect provider network is simple, and our team is here to get you started.

Provider Requirements

Hold a Master’s degree in a Behavioral Health field from an accredited institution.

Possess fully independent and active licenses or certifications.

Maintain active liability insurance coverage with a minimum of $1 million per occurrence and $3 million per aggregate.

What to Expect in the Application Process

  1. Apply:
    Fill out the short form below or email our dedicated AllOne Connect Affiliate Network Management Team at to receive an application.
  2. We Confirm Eligibility:
    We will review your application to confirm eligibility.
  3. Review and Sign:
    You will receive a Network Agreement via email. Carefully read, sign, and return it.
  4. Register:
    You will also receive an email link to register for the OnCall platform to become eligible to receive referral opportunities. You become fully credentialed with our network upon registering for OnCall and submitting your signed agreement and application.